Paul webdesigner

Web Designer

GF Designs, is a partnership managed by Paul. He has15 years experience in web design, together with a B.Ed and 10 years lecturing in higher education. Together with designing websites, he also offers training for those clients who wish to have more control of their website.

Hobbies include keeping fit and running for GB @ international level.

WEB Designer


Web Developer Web Designer E-Commerce WooCommerce

1 Html5/css3
2 Drupal, Joomla
3 AWS, EC2. Lightdail, RDBMS
4 Git version control
5 CPanel, Plesk and Parallels Hosting
6 Cloud Web Hosting
7 Windows and Linux
8 CLI, Powershell and SSH
9 Office 365, Sharepoint and Exchange Online

Amanda web design


Will take care of all your photos, illustrations, & copy. Together with Paul, she will make your dreams reality, bringing your business, shop or service to life, through your website.

Need to increase visitors to your website. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is of paramount importance and will increase both the quality and quantity of your website traffic.

Amanda's qualifications include Interior design, with a strong interest in photography.





She is our social media queen, with 13 years experience, on all social media platforms including instagram.

Qualifications inlcudes

  • Level 5 proof reading and editing.
  • Level 2 interior design / art design.
  • Diploma business management.
  • Fluent Spanish, oral & written

Hobbies include art, photography up-cycling furniture and animal welfare.

Although clients come from all over the country, the majority of clients are from the North, as GF Web Designs are based in the North West. GF Web designs service the towns of Oldham, Royton, Shaw, Ashton, Bury west to Blackpool and North to York. Obviously far to many to name here. No matter where you are, we can help with your web design, from a starter business or just updating your web site.