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Innovative Charity Web Design

  • Do you wish to start a charity for a deserving cause, or
  • Are you an existing charity but need to update your web site.

We help you raise money, by creating innovative and secure online services. Our platform allows people to people connections, raising money for your charity.

Whether you are looking to generate income, or raise awareness for your cause or charity, the quality and effectiveness of your website is critical. Well-designed sites can significantly increase traffic and donation levels compared to the average charity website.

Create a website that gives you secure donations, integrated fundraiser pages, appeals, social media and accessibility tools all in one easy-to-use solution.

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website on desktop
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We create an effective, mobile-responsive website that you can edit yourself.

A beautiful website that you and your supporters will love


A effective Charity fundraising platform, optimised for single or multi charitable use.

With our help, get can have donations from across the globe, raising money for your personal cause or charity. Read More


Processing online donations.

Your online Charity platform will enable you to fundraise for your cause.

You can accept one off donations of any amount  or monthly donations, fort the cause or charity of your choice.

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