Peer To Peer

GF Web design specialises in creating Peer to Peer online fundraising platforms. Creating bespoke personal or team fundraising pages, allowing your friends and family to make online donations, for your cause or charity. Our peer-to-peer module allows us to create bespoke fundraising events to support your personal event, organization’s brand or charity.

A custom made platform to suit your organisations short term goals and long term objectives.

Founded in 2006 specifically for organisations like you.


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Style & Design.

Bringing people together with a user  friendly front-end experience.

Peer To Peer is the  concept of both providing and receiving help through & from people. This type of platform offers a huge potential to provide help in the form of awareness and gifts, which may be in the form of donations, from your own peer to peer network.

Design Brief



Beautiful &
Creative websites.

Responsive designs that you and your supporters will love.

Charity & Crowdfunding platforms.

For single or multi charitable purpose. Start raising money for your charity or deserving  cause.


Processing Online Donations

Accepting one off or monthly donations, for the charity or cause of your choice.

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Social Web Master

Our social media queen, with 13 years experience, on all social media.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest & social media marketing.

Photoshop, Illustrator


Level 5 proof reading and editing.

Diploma in business management.

Fluent Spanish:
oral & written

Paul ceo


Web Design

Educated to  and Lecturing at degree level for 10 years.


Specialising in fundraising websites.


DNS and Domain


CPanel & Hosting


SSL Certificates


Filezilla, Cyberduck, FTP, SFTP, FTPS



Image / Art Design

Taking  care of all your images, illustrations, & copy. Making your dreams reality, bringing with beautiful images and creative design.

 Search engine optimisation (SEO): increases both the quality and quantity of your website traffic.


AI Expert

Web Developer, Web Designer, E-Commerce WooCommerce

1. Html5/css3
2. Drupal, Joomla
3 AWS, EC2. Lightdail, RDBMS

4 Git version control
5 CPanel, Plesk and Parallels Hosting
6 Cloud Web Hosting
7 Windows and Linux 
8 CLI, Powershell and SSH
9 Office 365, Sharepoint and Exchange Online
10 Email aliases